Save Port Gamble Forest!



Sustaining our region's quality of life, environmental health and economic vitality


a linked system of

publicly-owned trails,

protected marine & upland habitats, and sustainably managed forests.

Saving Special Places

Kitsap Forest & Bay Project

is targeting 4,000 acres in for conservation.

This biologically rich landscape includes shorelines, tidelands, wetlands, and upland forests in the Port Gamble Bay watershed and beyond.

Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

- 535 acres & 1.5 miles of shoreline; Saved Feb. 2014

- 1356 acres; Saved Dec. 2016

- Land at Risk: 1645 acres DONATE NOW

North Kitsap Heritage Park Addition

- 366 acres; Saved Dec. 2014

Grovers Creek Preserve

-200 Acres; Saved April 2015

-80 acres; Saved Feb. 2017

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Sound to Olympics Trail

The Sound to Olympics Trail is a planned paved shared-use path that will link the Kitsap Forest & Bay Project to north Kitsap communities and, via ferries and bridges, to the Burke-Gilman and the Olympic Discovery Trails.

Port Gamble Trail Map

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Kitsap Forest & Bay Coalition invites community and business organizations from Kitsap County and greater Puget Sound to become involved.

The Coalition meets monthly to share project updates and develop strategies for advancing the Kitsap Forest & Bay Project. Contact our Coalition Chair.

Support Kitsap Forest & Bay Project's outreach efforts and wear one of our t-shirts or sweatshirts proudly when you're on the trails or in town: http://bit.ly/XYvYgR

Kitsap Forest & Bay Coaltion Resolution

on Timber Harvest:

In order to further the goal of preserving the 7,000 acres of the Kitsap Forest & Bay Project for the public forever, we encourage the KFBP Principals to explore the idea of allowing Pope Resources (or its successor) an additional timber harvest rotation to decrease land acquisition costs, while replanting a mix of native species and transitioning to a sustainably managed forest.

Kitsap Forest & Bay Coalition, January 23, 2013 (Resolution passed unanimously)


Kitsap Forest & Bay Project

Kitsap Forest & Bay project (KFBP) is a visionary effort to conserve over 4,000 acres of forest surrounding Port Gamble Bay in north Kitsap County — a spectacular region of western Puget Sound. The project is a once in a lifetime ooportunity to help sustain our region's quality of life, environmental health and economic vitality. Conservation efforts on this scale are critical for protecting the vibrancy that makes the Puget Sound region a great place to live, work, visit and raise our families.

The landowner, Pope Resources – a timber company, wants to move out of this urbanizing region at the tip of Hood Canal.  Recognizing the value of their lands for public recreation, wildlife habitat and cultural sustenance, the company has given the community an incredible opportunity to determine the land's future.

But, time is running out...the community's option to purchase the land expires in July 2017.  At that time, Pope Resources will pursue other options for disposing of its land.

See why we must act now to save the forest.

Want more info? See the whole project at a glance.

Kitsap Forest & Bay Coalition

Kitsap Forest & Bay Coalition is a collaboration of community and business organizations that has mobilized to advance the Kitsap Forest & Bay Project.  Working as a group and independently, Coalition Partners support efforts of the Project Principals (Kitsap County, Pope Resources, Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe, and Suquamish Tribe) and fundraising leader (Forterra) to conserve the land. 

The Coalition's task is to: rally community support, help advance public and private funding efforts, integrate community voices into the conservation strategy, and participate in long-term land stewardship.

A Treasure for all Generations

Conservation of Kitsap Forest & Bay Project lands will help sustain our region's quality of life, envirnomental health, and economic vitality in myriad ways.

Preserve open space for public use and enjoyment

Protect Port Gamble Bay and its watershed

Preserve healthy Puget Sound shorelines

Protect our water quality and supply

Conserve wildlife habitat

Provide the economic benefits of a multi-use community forest and eco-recreation hub

Coalition Partners


Back Country Horsemen, Olympic Chapter

Bainbridge Island Land Trust

City of Bainbridge Island

City of Poulsbo

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, West Sound Chapter


Friends of Miller Bay
Great Peninsula Conservancy

Hansville Greenway Association

Hood Canal Coordinating Council

Hood Canal Environmental Council

Indianola Beach Improvement Club
Kitsap Audubon Society
Kitsap Citizens for Responsible Planning
Kitsap Conservation Voters
Kitsap County

Kitsap Economic Development Alliance

Kitsap Home Builders Foundation

Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council

North Kitsap Trails Association

Pope Resources / Olympic Property Group
Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe

Puget Sound Partnership

Smyth Lumber Mill

Sports Safety and Education Association

Stillwaters Environmental Center
Suquamish Tribe
Sustainable Kitsap

Visit Kitsap Peninsula

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Washington State Legislative District 23:

  Senator Christine Rolfes

  Representative Sherry Appleton

  Representative Drew Hansen
West Sound Conservation Council

West Sound Cycling Club

West Sound Wildlife Shelter

WSU Kitsap County Extension


And your group to our list!



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Pieces coming together for Kitsap Forest & Bay

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Contact Information:

Sandra Staples-Bortner

Executive Director

Great Peninsula Conservacy



Kitsap Forest & Bay Coalition


To Learn More:

Kitsap Forest & Bay Coalition welcome opportunities to make presentations to community and business organizations, and to participate as an exhibitor at community events.  Please contact our Community Outreach Chair to schedule a presentation or community event particpation.